Our employees open up.

Our employees are the reason for our success. So many give so much to their careers and communities. Let’s get to know a bit about some of them.

  • “I love my job! Love it when kids ask me to blow my air horn, so I honk. They also often ask if I’m the ice cream truck or if I’m delivering a pizza.”
    Robin Hall, Courier


  • “Every year I volunteer in the Purolator Tackle Hunger softball tournament. This year was another great success as we raised the equivalent of 10,931 pounds of food, surpassing last year’s totals.”
    Awilda Rosso Bonifaz, Senior Benefit & Pension Consultant

  • “Many years ago I suggested to a manager we should add a scannable barcode to the bill of lading to make it much easier to scan shipments. Then months later it was done.”
    Don Osbourne, Courier

  • “Each Christmas my team adopts a few families in need in the community and provide them with gifts that they request. We collect from our larger team, shop for the gifts, have a wrapping party and then deliver them to community organizations.”
    Daughnique Allen, Engagement Consultant, Customer Solutions